About Christian Enablers International

The joy of giving constitutes one of the greatest pleasures a person can experience during a lifetime. It springs from an understanding of how God has blessed each giver. A full and contextual understanding will naturally stimulate an individual to leverage those blessings through a passionate and thankful response. This organization’s mission focuses on the giver rather than the recipient. Nevertheless, it hinges on the premise that giver and receiver should interact as transactionally related parties.


Christian Enablers International provides Christians in the United States (Enablers) an opportunity to understand and focus personal purpose and direction by beneficially impacting foreign-country peers through international travel, leveraging talents and knowledge, and chronicling results in an experiential mission that employs individual innovation, inherited blessings, practiced talent, empathetic investment, and love.

Each trip will involve the following:

  1. Require each missioner to inventory his/her talents and creatively plan their personal application to a Tanzanian mission experience with peers.
  2. Engage each missioner in culturally significant activities (have you ever watched “The Amazing Race”?).
  3. Incorporate participation in a Tanzanian mission organization (Plaster House may be one of them).
  4. Participate in group fellowship, prayer and sharing between US and TZ co-disciples.
  5. Provide a safari component to take advantage of cross-world location-specific opportunity.
  6. Document experiences to cement new relationships and chronicle experiences for return-home re-telling.


Christian Enablers International envisions Enabler-ship experiences whereby each contributing Enabler must wrap-up his project, leaving as a legacy an educationally improved and entrepreneurially motivated and equipped recipient of his talents and inspiration. Each Enabler will prepare for, contribute to and achieve a life-altering experiential exercise in giving of one’s talents and abilities that will leave each with an indelible;

  • Appreciation for who he is,
  • A sense of discipleship engagement and fulfillment,
  • Understanding of how he might want to leverage his talents through remaining adulthood, and

Personal sense of purpose inspiration that would not have occurred absent from this experience.

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John Haeck
Founder & CEO

John Haeck

Lotaanywaki Elisha Memiri
Talent Trippers Tanzania

Lotaanywaki Elisha Memiri

Talent Trippers Representative in Tanzania