The Twilight Side of the Mountain

The doctor didn’t tell me to not linger! She only told me to walk.  To engage my legs daily.  To stick to an exercise regimen.  To stride briskly.  To stay in shape. I lingered.  The east side of the reservoir.  About a half-way point on my 4-mile regimen. I watched the […]

Scratch and Exhale

“Stop it!” Do you remember that boy in third grade?  The one that discovered the joy of running his fingernails over the chalkboard and making that horrible, screechy sound? “Enough already!  Stop it!” He just squealed with delight.  He giggled.  He turned to face his audience.  His eyes shown like a […]

Hoping for a Helping Hand UP

“Hopeless!” Lota remarked to me this week about how many people in Tanzania he knew who felt hopeless.  Many have tried and failed.  Many have walked to the brink of despair, not knowing which way to turn, what path to walk, in struggle to simply survive, much less find happiness.  I […]

Born Again

(A Reverse Safari?) “I told my Mama on the day that I was born, ‘Don’t you cry when you see that I’m gone!” I laughed. That line inspired me, not only because it evoked typical emotions of the times.  It metaphorically stoked my imagination.  Sung by Barry McGuire of the New […]

Will You Dance?

I’m a terrible dancer! In college, the school that I attended figured dancing constituted a sin.  Or, almost.  By moving your body around in ways that looked like Elvis Presley on steroids, you would tend to stimulate gender-specific hormones.  Allowing such hormones to work would certainly lead to mortal sin.  So, […]

Update 20190210

Almost two months of silence has likely erased anyone’s memory of the last “Crazy Idea” update titled, Dreaming Big, Starting Small.  Christmas and New Year family celebrations have certainly participated in the muffling of my periodic sound-off.  Preoccupation with both business, and interpersonal communications with Tanzanian friends and associates have also […]