Things run out here.

Every week or so, the lights go out.  So do the wall plugs.  So does anything electric.

Electric power supplies a house based upon a “cash and carry” policy.  You pay for a refill via a cell phone, or something like that.  Then the electric company gives you a token to turn the electricity on again.  Something like that.  Your house runs again, for a while.  Until the electricity runs out again.  Same procedure, again.

The water tank ran out Sunday morning, just prior to washing up.  No shower.  No shave.  Brushed teeth with a Spartan’s dispensing of water from a water bottle.

Lota left for the day to spend it with best friend, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend, Wendy.  Didn’t get home until late evening.  Too late to do anything about the water tank.

I went to church with Papalio, Lota’s stand-in.  Felt rather grubby, not having taken my shower or having shaved.  A low profile seemed appropriate, but it’s hard, sometimes.  People just want to corner you and talk.  A fellow and his wife wanted to talk.  Never met them before.  Didn’t want to breathe too liberally, ‘cuz I felt my breath needed a mint (in spite of my limited tooth-brushing attempt).  Two guys wanting business start-up help hung around, waiting for the fellow and wife to wind it up.  Took a while.

Monday morning, the water tank refill guys came.  Pumped some water.  Wanted to start a motor.  Kind of like my chain saw on a cranky day, it wouldn’t start.  Paid little attention, but noticed that the water drips from my bathroom sink flowed without the excitement of a few days ago.  First a little pipe vomit.  Then clear enough to brush teeth, again.  Barely.

Got up this morning, turned the water heater on.  Waited 20 minutes for it to work.  No water.  Met Lota in the hall, compared notes.  Same situation with his bathroom sink.  Apparently, the water tank guy couldn’t pump water to the tank upstairs.  Put it in the holding tank in the ground.  Up to us to pump it up to the tank, now.  With electrical power.  Electricity supply is down to nothing.  Electric company not responding to Lota’s attempt to pay up.  Somebody at the electric company may be getting a laugh.  Who knows?

Fortunately, the toilet tank had enough water from yesterday’s brief supply of water to flush.  A really welcome luxury!  But it’s empty now.  Hope I can hold out for a while.

Lota brought a bowl of warm water to wash up.  Must have taken it from a jug, heated it on the gas stove.  Glad the propane didn’t run out, first!  Told Lota I needed another bowl or something to take a little water at a time.  Problem is, if you get your only water soapy, you can’t rinse very well.  Need to think strategically.

We run out of food, daily.  Lunch and supper, that is.  No refrigeration.  Need to shop for food before meal time arrives.  No time, yesterday.  Lota picked up chicken schnitzel.  With French fires. Had it a number of times, now.  Could be a heart-stopper, so I told Lota we should maybe back off the fried stuff.  Time runs short, though.  Never enough, it seems.

Need to refill the car with gas just about every other day.  We try to avoid having it run out like the water and electric.  No electronic tokens to turn the car back on after it runs out.  Really need to think ahead, which is tough.  Not always the way folks do things.

I’ve counseled multiple “clients” that they needed to think ahead a little bit.  Need to arrive on time, demonstrate reliability, manage cash flow with financial discipline, grow the business by retaining some earnings, do things differently.  A tough sell.

Had some muesli for breakfast.  Sprinkled it on the porridge.  Keeps me regular.

Maybe a bad call.

Should have thought ahead.