I love a hot shower!  My wife will often holler at me, “Don’t use all the hot water!” or, “Are you going to be all day?”

Linda stayed back in the USA.  She hasn’t felt the need to holler at me in the mornings, lately.  Or, if she has, I haven’t heard her over the hollering of the rooster that welcomes each new morning outside my bathroom window.

I still love a hot shower.  And it’s really not the rooster crowing at me to get out, that I end up making it a quick one.

The mornings wear a cool air about them.  Sleeping in the coolness makes the mornings come quickly.  But the coolness also contributes to the quickness of a shower.  Not only that.  The water pressure doesn’t really wake up as quickly as I do.

Have you ever taken a shower under the sleepiness of a lazy water flow?

In Arusha, the water level left in the cistern-like tank sitting only slightly higher than the house governs the level of excitement of overall water flow in the house.  No one in Arusha tends to hurry.  Water flow seems to have taken a cue from the people.

I showered yesterday, under the lazy flow of hot water from the shower head.  The flow doesn’t shoot straight or hard enough to make it to my body, so I ended up grabbing the flexible head from its holder and sprinkling the liquid over the already soaped up, and shivering parts of my body.  It takes a while.  So, after I finished rinsing my feet, my shoulders and torso had already completed their first round of quivering.  I re-rinsed those parts, but only to warm them up a bit.

This morning, the laziness of the water flow slowed to maybe an excited drip.  I considered the luxury of a long, hot shower.  And, not because the rooster already started hollering at me, but because the enthusiasm demonstrated by the sink faucet while shaving made me think again about how cold I would get while taking that hot shower.

I elected to use the wash cloth to wipe the normally sweaty parts, ignored the likely dust that might have gathered as a congregation of obedient particles on the bottom of my feet, and got dressed.

When I stand in front of the audience of aspiring entrepreneurs later today, they won’t know where the smell comes from, anyway.  Maybe we’ll just make sure (through hopeful prayer) the windows are open, a nice breeze wafts by, and avoids ricocheting off the blackboard and towards the audience.

I still love the thought of a hot shower.  Now it’s become a dream.  This afternoon, I will talk to my new class of entrepreneur hopefuls about embracing their dreams, crystalizing them into focused agendas, and documenting them in the form of an exciting story to entice some waiting investor or mentor.  I might not compare a potential investor’s vision of entrepreneurial success to the enthusiasm of the shower drip coming from an almost exhausted source of low-hanging water-storage.  But, hope springs eternal, or so they say.

On the other hand, when the water storage tank refills, I expect that my hot shower will turn my dream back into reality.  And when the excitement of starting one’s own business refills the spiritual well-springs of talent, intelligence and drive, the shower of entrepreneurial endeavor will turn dreams of economic self-sufficiency into the realization of new business hot-shots.  I hope that I might be able to contribute a little bit to the refilling of their reservoirs.  And hopefully, that will really make a rooster crow!