2. Marketing

Christian Enablers will initiate its marketing efforts in a low profile manner.  I anticipate the following progression of marketing and mission trip facilitation;

  1. Market via interpersonal discussion with and presentation to Christian pastors and lay leaders from the Denver metropolitan area.
  2. Strive to organize one mission trip to occur sometime during 2018, making sure that the planning and operation is well thought out, coordinated, and facilitated.
  3. Leverage the experience and results of the first trip to both revise and improve the program and use to illustrate the powerful impact that such trips will continue to have on its participants, both from the US as well as from Tanzania.
  4. Utilize potential mission trip sponsors by engaging pastors and lay leaders to identify potential mission trip candidates and nominate them for participation.  Selection of mission trip Enablers will reflect discretion, limiting participation to only those whose potential Christian impact and discipleship example warrant their inclusion.
  5. Reward mission strip sponsors with fair compensation, as well as free mission trip inclusion for themselves, after the number of their qualified nominees are approved and committed.

Christian Enabler marketing will also occur in Arusha, mirroring the kind of participant approach, nomination and commitment followed in the United States.